Psonify: Leadership Team

Simon Davidson, Founder and CEO of Psonify

Simon is a seasoned business professional with a unique blend of legal, regulatory, big data and commercial skills. A regulatory reform expert and former investment banker at Credit Suisse with over 20 years of experience, Simon initially trained as a corporate lawyer with Slaughter & May before embarking on a career financial services. Simon has made a number of successful investments in early stage companies and has held a number of board seats in the FinTech and data and market structure area including Markit.

Dr. Shmuel Bar, CTO of Psonify

Served for thirty years in the Israeli government, first in the IDF Intelligence and then in the Office of the Prime Minister. Was involved in building the capability for open source collection from the Internet in the early 1990s. Specialised in the ideology and operational codes of Islamic fundamentalist movements and particularly of the Jihadi movement that later evolved into al-Qaeda. Also served as First Secretary at the Israeli Embassy in The Hague. Holds Ph.D. in History of the Middle East from Tel-Aviv University. He is founder and CEO of IntuView Limited.