Relationship matching is the process by which the analyzed structure of the names is leveraged to identify whether two people in a database have a potential family relationship. Examples:

The Obstacles

  • String matching yields low recall and phonetic matching - low precision.
  • Different spelling conventions of European languages create non-uniform versions of the same name (e.g. ”ch” in German vs. “ch” in French, ”j” in German, English and Spanish etc.)
  • Different names may ”sound” and be spelled the same but express different things in different cultures. For example: there is a name “Samir” in Hindi and in Arabic but it is not the same name.

Relationships in Names

  • In Russian: Ivan Vladimirovich Lavrov may be the brother of Irina Valdimirovna Lavrova and the son of Vladimir Ivanovich Lavrov.
  • In Arab culture: Mounir ‘Abdallah Yousef al-‘Azzam may be the father or son of Abdallah Mounir Yousef al-‘Azzam, the brother of Ahmad ‘Abdallah Yousef al-‘Azzam and the cousin of Yousef Ahmad Yousef al-’Azzam.
  • In Western culture: George Herbert Walker Bush was the son of Prescott Sheldon Bush and Name Analysis Dorothy Walker Bush so he had an arbitrary first middle name (Herbert) and his mother's maiden name as a second middle name (Walker). Prescott Sheldon Bush was the son of Samuel Prescott Bush and Flora Sheldon Bush so he had a first name from his father's middle name (his grandfather's name) and a middle name from his mother's maiden name.
  • In Korean culture cousins of the same family may have the same “Generational Name” (e.g. Kim Jong Il, Kim Aun Il are the same generation of the Kim family).
  • Eritrean names on the other hand arbitrarily give “family names” even though naming conventions used in Eritrea and Ethiopia do not have family names and typically consists of an individual personal name and a separate patronymic. This may continue ad infinitum. In the West, this is often mistaken for a surname (family name), but unlike European names, different generations do not have the same second or third names. In marriage, unlike in some Western countries, women do not change their name, as the second name is not a surname.

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