Intuitive document analysis and review

Psonify is a highly advanced piece of algorithmic software which uses the latest developments in artificial intelligence to analyse large amounts of data to discover anomalies, relations and links between entities.

This capability can be used in tasks that call for discovery of problematic information in large tracts of data.

Psonify allows you to quickly and effectively review and translate documents providing value added analysis, which includes a sentiment indicator.


Psonify uses a highly developed semantic engine that understands language in a way that mimics human comprehension.

Psonify allows the user to complete document analysis in a rapid, efficient process that cuts costs dramatically. Psonify can reliably analyse thousands of pages in minutes and supplies the user with relevant cross-referenced data, that dramatically reduces workload and cost.

Psonify extracts and collates information that might otherwise be missed, in a time scale that was previously unimaginable.


Psonify is not just a search engine. Through its leading edge AI technology, Psonify reads and understands your documents and the context and meaning within.

Psonify understands that Dick and Richard are the same man, and can decipher that he has negative opinions about John from what it reads.

Psonify automatically identifies persons, places, organisations and events from the documents it reads.

Psonify translates and can comprehend 12 languages including English, French, Spanish, Russian and Arabic plus 8 others and can identify a further 80 languages.

This allows interlanguage searching with a summary provided in English.


Psonify provides the user with a personal dashboard summarising the content of the documents it reads, cross-referenced by categories and entities.

You can easily tag data for later reference, or to bring it to the attention of other reviewers, allowing easy cooperation across your team and ensuring nothing is missed.

You can audit, review, redact and export in all common text formats. Psonify lets you build a focused, smart set of keywords to be used for further analysis or requests for Information based on the text ingested and not derived by guessing.

How is Psonify different?

Other platforms are limited to the keywords provided by the users. With Psonify, you do not need to worry about incorrect spelling. Psonify can search for a concept too. For example, if in an employment dispute you search with the word ‘dismissal’, Psonify will find any reference to ‘being fired’ or ‘having enough’ or ‘quitting’. It also finds and reports on relationships and has the ability to show co-relationships, for example who is engaging or colluding with whom, making that critical item of evidence easily discoverable.

Does Psonify translate?

Psonify is unique in that it can think, read and understand in 10 languages (including English, French, Spanish, Russian and Arabic), thus you can search in one language and Psonify will trace it in the other languages. Psonify can also identify 80 languages so you are informed as to which translators you may need to hire.

How does Psonify work?

Psonify makes eDiscovery and information governance simple. Psonify saves you time and money by automating the retrieval and review processes. Psonify efficiently conducts searches on numerous electronic document types and sources including news and social media and effectively retrieves relevant information enabling actionable insights for decision making or compliance with internal requests, knowledge management and legal and regulatory deadlines.