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greyprintPsonify is a highly advanced piece of algorithmic software which mimics human understanding to discover anomalies, relations and links between entities.

greyprintThis capability can be used in tasks that call for discovery of problematic information in large tracts of data.

greyprintPsonify allows you to quickly and effectively review and interpret documents providing value added analysis.


Natural Language Processing
Creating an understanding of the content and context of any dataset using advanced text analysis of the natural language across 10 languages.
Entity extraction and analysis
Automated extraction and analysis of people and things (entities) that are named (individuals, locations, events, etc.) and existing in the text.
Ontological Analysis
Automated extraction and analysis of concepts or ideas existing in the text independent of the language expressing them.
Automated prioritisation of documents created on the fly, allowing investigators to focus on the relevant documents.
Relationship Analysis
Presenting an immediate situational awareness of the relationships and type of relationship between named entities extracted from the text.
Automated sophisticated analysis of the attitude of one entity towards another (person, place or event) extracted from the text.


Using advanced artificial intuition, Psonify allows you to mine large unstructured datasets to extract for analysis anomalies and relationships between people, things and other entities.

The Next Generation Investigator Toolkit

Psonify provides insights through text analytics and deep meaning mining of unstructured datasets.

It is useful in situations that require decision-making based on an analysis of significant amounts of unstructured data, particularly at early stage.

Psonify can be used from early case analysis, through internal investigations, to conduct of litigation and arbitration.

Psonify offers:

  • forensic hygiene
  • forensic integrity
  • high precision
  • high recall
  • speed
  • exportability to your e-Discovery platform.

Civil Litigation

Sector: Defendant in civil litigation

Problem: The cost for legal review of relevant documents made settlement – irrespective of the merits – economically rational.

Solution: Psonify reduced the number of relevant documents by half, allowing the client to defend the case on its merits.

Regulatory Demand

Sector: Large corporation faced with regulatory demand in respect of information it held.

Problem: The amount of time needed for a document review risked making the client non-compliant.

Solution: Information extracted in a matter of hours, allowing compliance.

Early Case Settlement

Sector: Large corporation preparing to instruct lawyers for an early case assessment.

Problem: The amount of documentation would have precluded an economically rational and timely early case assessment.

Solution: Psonify analysed the documentation for the corporation, reducing the size of documentation. This allowed for an economical and timely early case assessment by the corporation’s counsel.